GAO to USPS: Spend Six Days a Week


gao copy

The United States Postal Service lost $16 billion in taxpayer money last year, about $42 million a day. The postal service is unsustainable the way it is currently operating. The Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe asked the Government Accountability Office in February if the USPS could stop delivering letters on Saturday, packages would still be delivered, and it would save taxpayers $2 billion a year.

The Government Accountability Office, the agency that is supposed to protect taxpayers from waste & fraud, advised the United States Postal Service that they cannot go to 5-day service. They must work 6-days a week and continue spending money we all don’t have. The reason is that the wording of the spending bill won’t allow it, according to their interpretation.

The spending bill is like the Ten Commandments. So it is written, so it shall be done.

The USPS said the GAO’s decision did not reflect the language of the continuing resolution. The GAO admitted they did not look at the actual language. Why not make a decision about language without looking at the language. That makes sense!

Congress can’t decide on the meaning of the vague language and Senator Coburn can’t get a bill passed to change the language. This has been going on since August. The Democrats want to cut nothing and the Republicans want to cut services.

Senator Franken wants the post office to generate revenue by providing notary services (which the bank does for nothing), issuing fishing and hunting licenses, and he wants to help customers take advantage of e-mail and Internet services somehow. He has nothing specific on any of this. There’s no rush, USPS is only losing $42 million a day.

While FedEx and UPS make record profits, the USPS is in the hole:

  • FedEx profits more than doubled in the fiscal third quarter, 2012
  • UPS 2nd Quarter 2012 Profits: $1.1 Billion – wow!
  • U.S.P.S. – bankrupt.

Your government is at work and they are here to help. Wait until the IRS is in charge of your health care. [the hill]