Garden City Falls Victim to ACORNS’ Social Engineering Plan for the U.S.


Garden City and ACORN

There is a social engineering plan that is reaching fruition in Garden City, New York, but it will soon reach every community in this country – manufactured racism is being used to redistribute every resource in every neighborhood in America.

ACORN in New York, otherwise known as the New York Communities for Change, claims that Garden City discriminates against Blacks and a federal judge agrees with them. The judge has ordered Garden City to end discrimination, even though there is none. Garden City must now accommodate “affordable” housing within their borders and is not allowed to have single family and town home zoning rules, excluding multifamily – multi-use -zoning.

This lawsuit has gone on for 8 years and it has nothing to do with discrimination – it’s about social engineering.

The judge claims they have discriminatory housing practices because they don’t zone for cheap housing and apartment buildings.

Judge Spratt ruled that Garden City violated HUD rules – HUD is actively mapping every neighborhood in the country and will come up with a plan to redistribute the resources of every neighborhood.

Spratt said Garden City violated the U.S. Constitution and other civil rights statutes when they enacted a zoning ordinance in 2004 to keep multi-family housing out of the village. Plaintiffs contend it is discrimination to adopt zoning for single-family and town homes instead of multi-family affordable housing.

Sentinel does NOT believe it is discriminatory to adopt zoning rules that favor a village’s character. Garden City does not lend itself to apartment buildings but that is what Agenda 21 demands of us – multi-use dwellings everywhere – with villages and towns having no say in mapping out the character of their enclaves.

If Garden City doesn’t appeal, they must rezone a site in their community as multifamily housing if the parcel, owned by Nassau County, is sold within a year. If not, Garden City must set aside 10% of future multifamily development for affordable housing and join the Nassau County Urban Consortium which uses tax dollars to help pay for it.

Plaintiffs call it a win for civil rights.

Garden City is a picturesque village in the Township of Hempstead, Nassau County, Long Island with old tree-lined streets, perfectly-manicured shrubs and quaint homes of a mostly historic era. The school is one of the best in the country. The people who live in Garden City are well-off with an average income of $53,196. The racial makeup of the village is 88.1% White, 1.2% African American, 0.1% Native American, 5.0% Asian, 0.00% Pacific Islander, 0.4% from other races, and 0.8% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 6.0% of the population.

Hempstead, the town next door, and the one with all the multifamily dwellings, is a dump with crime and poverty that seems to end at the border with Garden City. The average income in Hempstead village is $15,735. There are better communities in Hempstead called New Hempstead, South Hempstead and West Hempstead with average incomes of $26,000.

The Hempstead population was 53,891 at the 2010 census, making it the most populated village in New York. The population is mixed: Black alone – 25,169 (47.0%), Hispanic – 22,460 (41.9%), White alone – 3,809 (7.1%), Asian alone – 1,288 (2.4%), Two or more races – 636 (1.2%), Other race alone – 198 (0.4%), American Indian alone – 24 (0.04%), according to city-data.

With these stats it’s easy to make the issue about race and label anyone criticizing their efforts as racists.

Check out the crime rates:


On any given day, you can travel to the border of Garden City and Hempstead and see the prostitutes marching up and down in drug stupors looking for clients.  You can also buy drugs there. Hempstead Village is a dangerous little hellhole really.

If they put “affordable” housing in Garden City, Garden City might not be so garden-like at some point.

What the judge is really saying, what ACORN is saying, and what our redistributionist president is saying, is that no one can be wealthy or live better than anyone else. All must be redistributed and shared. That’s what Obama’s mapping through HUD is about.

None of this has to do with bigotry. Any person who lives in Hempstead can work hard and achieve what the people in Garden City have achieved. If they don’t and won’t, that is on them. The redistributionists want people who can’t afford Garden City to be allowed to move in.

I can’t afford Garden City and it never bothered me. It’s capitalism.

This isn’t about not letting Blacks into Garden City, it’s about keeping the wealth and the home value by not putting dumps in the town.

Long Island is very segregated along racial lines but that is the choice of Blacks as much as Whites.

The ACORNistas think housing is a right, not just housing but housing in well-to-do areas. That’s communism folks.

If Garden City banned people who could afford it from living in Garden City, that would be discrimination, but now the discrimination loons are saying that Garden City has to be affordable for everyone.

It’s everyone’s right to live in places they can’t afford as ACORN and our president define it. Obama worked for ACORN and promised to be behind them every step of the way when he won the election and he is following through on his promise.

This is social engineering at its finest and it won’t end well.

It’s what the liberals in Garden City asked for.  In 2012, Nassau County went for President Obama, the Great Redistributionist, by 55%.