Garry Kasparov – “We Are Now Facing Potentially, Disaster Beyond Belief.”


Garry Kasparov, Chairman, Human Rights Foundation, was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo today and was asked about the dangers presented by another 20 months of Barack Obama.

He said what many are thinking. Barack Obama will have “negative impact.” “I think we are now facing potentially, disaster beyond belief,” he said.

“Obama should understand that normalization of relations with any country means two-way street. And now we can see it only one-way. You know. The deal with Iran, we hear two opposite stories and not just about little things here-and-there…the fundamental differences in most substantial points of the deal.”

“Then he shook hands with Raul Castro. It should be a trade. Shaking hands with a dictator..the hand covered with blood. I mean you have to get something in exchange. There’s still, hundreds and hundreds of political prisoners in Cuba,” he said.

“So it seems Obama wants these PR opportunities and then he’s vigorously defending his rotten policy, attacking GOP, attacking […] position of America, while offering an olive branch to all American enemies and those who are attacking the values of the free world around the globe.”

When asked again about the danger Obama presents over the next 20 months, Kasparov said he thinks that “the damage this administration can inflict to the United States and the free world is still hard to calculate.”