Gary Cohn, Paul Ryan Support Antifa, BLM, Diss Trump, They Must Go

Hate-filled Antifa cheered for standing against the hate during a rally in which they beat people who disagreed with them or tried to take their photos.

Gary Cohn, former president of Goldman Sachs, is Donald Trump’s top economic adviser who did not support him when the going got tough. He also came out in support of Antifa and BLM. He called them “citizens standing up for equality and freedom” at the same time he put the President down.

Last week, the media was able to put out a lot of anti-Trump press because of Cohn’s comments about writing a resignation letter in the wake of Trump’s comments about Charlottesville.

“Citizens standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists, neo-Nazis and the KKK,” Cohn said, referencing the Antifa and BLM groups who went to the ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville to silence the Nazis and KKK by any means necessary.

Cohn wouldn’t stick up for the President but felt comfortable calling Antifa and BLM “citizens standing up for equality and freedom.”

Both BLM and Antifa are violent hate groups advocating communism and the use of force.

After the protests in Boston and during a CNN town hall, House Speaker Paul Ryan, for his part, described Antifa thugs hurling urine and racial epithets at cops as “peaceful protests against the hate.”

There was no hate rally in Boston except by Antifa and BLM. There were a small number of free speech advocates being beaten, silenced and threatened by thousands of thugs, many were Antifa and Black Lives Matter. When the overwhelmed free speech rally had to break up early because of the violence, Antifa and BLM turned on police.

The neo-Nazis and KKK are despicable but they are not Hitler’s Nazis nor are they the Democrat KKK of the early 20th century though they could become that if they had the numbers. The violent anarcho-communists of Antifa and BLM are equivalent in this sense: there are many more of them and they mean to violently overthrow our government. Pretending they are anything but that is absurd.

Trump’s description was correct and only his timing was off given a woman and two officers died.


Joey Gibson tried to have a prayer rally in Berkeley this past weekend. He was forced to cancel because of the violent alt-left who came to beat up people anyway. Nancy Pelosi lied during an interview, calling them a hate group.

The Boston Antifa made it very clear as to what they are when they tweeted a video calling for the downfall of the USA with these words: “Let’s make one thing clear. Antifa is an Anarcho-Communist cause. Those on the left who call us ‘Patriots’, step the F*K away.”

The mayor is an Antifa supporter and the police chief is currently looking for a way to give Antifa a safe space away from the other protesters so they can do their thing.

Antifa hospitalized people in Berkeley and not a word from Cohn or Ryan or Republicans for that matter.


  1. have said it many times before, will say it again. Of the many unexpected perks of a Trump presidency, the revealing of the many weasels, the many Great Betrayers of We The People.

    you know who they all are now. They are those who have been shinning us on for years publicly embracing conservative ideals, on the side of America and the people while, behind the curtains, playing down and dirty with the elitists and globalists. They are the ones now given a GOLDEN opportunity to get behind a president beholding ONLY to the people but, instead, are undermining him at every turn and pandering to the HORRIBLE and deadly fascists, BLM, and all assorted America haters.

    We will not, CAN NOT, reclaim our nation until every one of these treasonous bastards are banished from power.

    • They must go. Ryan is doing huge damage to the nation and party. Most members are afraid to question him. Meadows is looking for an eventful 12 days in September. If Trump fights and the battle gets rough it is possible the House could vacate the chair. This will be a big test for Trump. If he insists on wall funding in the House budget, and the budget deadline is exceeded, Ryan could be removed.

  2. From what I read, the organizer, Gibson, fled the mob to the security of the police AND was then arrested. I sure would like to know what the charge is.

    Tim Pool has been giving some well thought analysis and his latest on the violence in Berkley is the same.

    Research has shown the number of neo-Nazi’s are in the hundreds, and the number of KKK members are in the low thousands. Compare this with the six million in the early 1900’s of KKK members. Back then a great many were in public office around the country.

    What is left out in all the discussions are the many who support anti-Semiic ideologies. Berkley, and across many elite campuses this thinking is prevalent. It has been increasing year by year and infected more and more students, and it is not hidden. It is open and widespread and shows no signs of dissipating.

  3. Here is the reason why I am so adamant about whether or not a person condemns or apologizes on camera. Kathy Griffin was on Australian TV giving an interview.

    On that program she rescinded her apology. So, that emotional apology was “acting” and had no meaning. She is unable to comprehend the true nature of the stunt. It wasn’t that she was attacking Trump in a mocking way, rather it was the emulating of the worst actions of the most horrendous terrorists. In so doing she IS ISIS.

  4. Ryan is a worthless liberal RINO! No wonder though…his wife is a liberal, his previous girlfriend is a liberal. Paul is addicted to pussy and will do anything his current bed-buddy says.

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