Gas Back Down to $1.84


Gas went back down to $1.84 but only for the first 150 motorists at one Michigan gas station. That was the price of gas under George Bush. Hundreds lined up for the affordable gas.

Extraordinarily high gas prices don’t seem to reflect badly on Teflon Obama however because his supporters want to believe the increase under Obama is Bush’s fault.

It was the economy under the Bush administration that is to blame for everything Obama has done and will do for the next four years should he be re-elected. To infinity apparently.

Just know that Obama plans to do exactly what he is doing now if re-elected. In fact, when he has “more flexibility” after his “last election,” gas prices will undoubtedly go much higher. Chu said they would and I think he speaks for the administration and I think he means it.

Hundreds Line Up for Affordable Gas

via MichiganLive

MOUNT MORRIS TOWNSHIP, MI — The Mount Morris Township Beacon & Bridge gas station had traffic backed up nearly a half mile to I-475 today as it rolled back prices to $1.84 per gallon for the first 150 motorists.

The gas station announced early today that it would host a gas rollback event for the Americans for Prosperity-Michigan’s “Obama’s Failing Agenda” bus tour. The group said that the $1.84 per gallon price reflects the cost of gas in 2008, before President Barack Obama took office.

Hundreds of cars lined up to get a piece of the savings, but the group had to turn away as many people as got the discounted gas. Motorists came from as far away as Washtenaw County to get relief from state gas prices that are hovering around $4 per gallon….

I guess Obama’s supporters didn’t see this:

After Hurricane Katrina, gas prices went up to almost $4 a gallon temporarily and then went back down. Obama seized on that in 2008 and it wasn’t even an issue:

According to Obama, everything is always and will always be Bush’s fault.

By the way, where are the jobs?