Gasbag Al Sharpton On MSNBC While Fox&Friends Has News of Possibly Corrupt FBI


A typical comparison between MSNBC and Fox News shows that the news is on Fox. MSNBC is merely a conduit for Democrats to attack President Trump. Take Wednesday morning as a fair comparison. Morning Joe had a hate-spewing segment with Al Sharpton promoted gossip and debunked allegations to condemn Trump while at the same time Fox & Friends exposed some key revelations about our possibly corrupt DoJ/FBI on their show.

Tax cheat, liar, racial arsonist and criminal turned FBI informant marks the career of the “Rev.” Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton spent years race-baiting, feigning moral righteousness, demonizing opponents, calling gays “faggots” and railing against jews, and for a number of those years he was a mob “associate” turned informer.

Sharpton claimed at one time that he fought Trump for forty years which was not true.

In a 2015 article from National Review, Trump and Sharpton were introduced to each other in the late 1980s by boxing promoter Don King, who was good friends with both men.

Even as the Tawana Brawley scandal unfolded and Sharpton faced a 67-count indictment involving how he used funding for his youth organization, Trump remained a prominent supporter of the agitator, numerous sources close to the two men told National Review.

Donald Trump once donated thousands of dollars to the Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Youth Movement and did personal favors for him, National Review reported.

“I wanted Sharpton to meet this guy because he was a giant in the business community and a giant in the human community,” Don King told National Review. “Trump was a white ally — and he was one of distinction and renown in the business world.”

The website quoted a source close to Sharpton as saying that Trump gave Sharpton “anywhere between $20,000 and $150,000” for his National Youth Movement, which became the National Action Network, and for his activism.

Trump also helped Sharpton’s mistress get into an apartment she wouldn’t have qualified for based on her income, another source said.

National Review quotes a 2004 article in The Guardian in which Sharpton, then running for president himself, said he considered singer James Brown a mentor “alongside other prominent figures such as lawyer Johnny Cochran and Donald Trump, as a political supporter.”

Sharpton, ever the opportunist, hasn’t slowed down in spreading hate and vitriol. On Wednesday morning, he went after the president on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Trump is “a symbol of Northern bigotry,” Sharpton said on a panel. “He has really prided himself in becoming something that plays to small segment of America that’s hateful, that’s trying to go to the past.”

Referencing the gossip report that Trump allegedly told his cabinet all the Haitians coming in have AIDs, he said Trump hasn’t grown in the job. “Here’s a man that has taken the presidency and reduced to name-calling and reduced to trying to exorcise his grudges and vengeance.”

They don’t report news on Morning Joe, they engage in ongoing ad hominem attacks on the President and his supporters.

Meanwhile, Fox & Friends was reporting news on Wednesday morning about the corruption that appears to be part of the DoJ/FBI.


  1. When will the real investigation into the murder, (oops, suicide) of the female clerk in Mornin’ Joes Congressional office?? This guy Mornin’ Joe is a disgrace to journalism and is like a little punk in short pants crying because someone won’t buy him another ice cream cone. How long will we put up with this bullshit??

  2. I never watch MSM liberal stations. I watch Fox (except when Shepard Smith is in control), Retro TV, MeTV, Science Channel (when MythBusters is not on), Nat Geo Wild, BBCAM, Velocity, Hallmark, History Channel, Food Channel, Mecum Auctions, Barrett/Jackson Auctions, Boxing, War Documentaries, any documentary concerning our primate cousins, Cops, Forensic Files, The Weather Channel, Music Choice Light Classical…NEVER a liberal parrot station.

    When I tire of TV, I visit my rear deck (truly in the woods behind my home) and watch the foliage grow…or drop off the limbs…as the birds and squirrels play, hide food and make various noises. Then sometimes I entertain and exercise my dog. I hitch her to the back of my Ferrari and drive slowly through the neighborhood.

    I will do ANYTHING other than watch liberal MSM.


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