Genocidal Rage: ISIS Kidnaps at Least 150 Christians, Threatens Mass Beheadings


Assyrians fleeing

Assyrians fleeing their villages

Update: 02/25/15: Reports now indicate that 200-400 were kidnapped.

ISIS raided Assyrian villages in Northern Syria this morning, kidnapping at least 150 Christians, according to Christian Syrian activists.

The missing included women, children and the elderly.

Rural villages were raided at dawn. The villages were inhabited by an ancient Christian minority. This was west of Hasaka, a city mainly held by the Kurds.

This is territory bordering the area where atrocities were committed against the Yazidis last year.

From an “independent” reporter of ISIS:

IS reporter

The 21 Copts referred to in the tweet were assassinated in a mass beheading two weeks ago.

According to one observer, the US and its allies were flying over without “targeting ISIS terrorists”.

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