George Demos’ Pay-for-Endorsement Scheme Nets Giuliani


Is George Demos paying for his endorsements? Demos received two endorsements, not from the Republican Party, but from two liberal Republicans – George Pataki and Rudy Giuliani. Pataki and Giuliani are indistinquishably intertwined with the owners of the consulting firm hired by George Demos who is a congressional candidate in CD-1 on Long Island.

it stinks

This endorsement comes with financial and ethical baggage

The company, ‘In The Field Consulting’, will make hundreds of thousands of dollars off the Demos campaign. The owners of the firm have an extremely close relationship with Giuliani and Pataki.

Shouldn’t endorsements be free of financial and crony entanglements?

Why would the supposedly “real conservative”, as Demos likes to call himself, pursue liberal Republicans especially since he – Demos – is already funded heavily by Democrats?

Giuliani and Pataki don’t even live on Long Island but, then again, George Demos usually doesn’t either.

George Demos, who has endless funds coming in from his Democratic family and friends, hired the firm “In The Field Consulting”, run by Rob Cole and Jake Menges.

Menges was the City Council liaison for Mayor Giuliani and worked on his 2008 presidential run.

Menges is a “longtime Giuliani operative,” to quote the 2010 version of the Campaign and Elections magazine awards for New York’s top Republicans. Cole is a former aide to Governor George Pataki.

The firm, according to their website, “specializes in campaign strategy for political candidates…experience includes media communications, grassroots building, public opinion research, and new media strategy.”

It is safe to assume they are behind the deceitful ads which claim George Demos’ opponent in the CD-1 race, Lee Zeldin, voted for ObamaCare.

Zeldin didn’t vote for Obamacare, period.

He couldn’t vote for it as a state senator and he spoke out strongly against it as it unfolded.

Zeldin stood vehemently opposed to the exchange but Cuomo put it through via executive order. Zeldin voted for the budget which listed $4 million out of $221 million in flow-through funds that can be used for ObamaCare. Voting against the budget would not have stopped the exchange or the funds, only much-needed relief for Long Island.

Gov. Cuomo already thinks Long Island is his personal ATM. He doesn’t need another excuse to plunder her resources any further.

This campaign has been a lie from day one and the lie is now compounded by endorsements that come with baggage, that stretch the bounds of ethics, that deceive the public who expect their politicians to use real endorsements that are unencumbered by financial gain and fueled by cronyism.

There is a betrayal afoot as well. Republicans do not want a split ticket again, and certainly not with a Democratically-funded perpetual candidate who runs for the same office every two years and who only shows up on Long Island to run for election.

Republicans narrowly lost this race in 2010, a race that is important nationally. The Democrat in the race is a far-left guy – Tim Bishop – who is turning Suffolk County into New York City’s socialist armpit. It’s densely-populated, heavily-taxed and an unwilling donor to New York City.

Bishop, funded by movie stars and politicians from outside the county, voted for ObamaCare and fully supports the Obama agenda.

Bishop must be defeated but this group decided to split the vote leading up to the election and they decided to do it viciously.

If “In The Field Consulting” wins this one by some miracle, they would stand to make quite a name for themselves, as they did with Scott Brown in his first senatorial run, and it would reap great financial rewards which could be the bottom line for this group.

Money appears to trump party loyalty and honesty.

This group of ethically-challenged purveyors of public misinformation have decided to split the party and will give Bishop the edge yet again in what will probably be Suffolk County’s last chance to save itself from the infiltration of New York City politics.