George Demos, The Democrat’s Decoy



The November election for Congressman in CD1 was supposed to be between Senator Lee Zeldin and Tim Bishop. Senator Zeldin has the Conservative and Republican ballot, the support of Libertarians, and is a very strong opponent for incumbent Congressman Bishop.

Mr. Bishop’s campaign was biting their nails and gearing up for a tough race. Then in walks George Demos and Bishop supporters are setting off fireworks, putting their feet up and letting George do their job for them.

Mr. Demos is a self proclaimed “Conservative Republican” with strong family and financial ties to wealthy, high powered Democratic fundraisers, who are, in fact, his biggest campaign contributors.

Go figure…..Democrats tossing million$ to a Conservative candidate. Makes you raise an eyebrow, doesn’t it?

Mr. Demos claims he doesn’t think it’s fair for party leaders to choose their candidate, so his paid campaigners went door to door, getting signatures for a Republican primary.

Old George knows that if he wins the primary, Lee Zeldin will be taken off the Republican line and the ticket will be split.

In Demos’ previous attempts to gather support from Conservatives, Republicans and T.E.A. party members, splitting the ticket was something he said he would “Never do”. Evidently NEVER now has an expiration date. In a nutshell, that means Demos would be taking votes away from Lee Zeldin, who is Tim Bishop’s biggest threat. That other eyebrow is going up right now, isn’t it?

True Conservatives and Republicans, who think Bishop has to go, need to look at the facts and ask two questions…….Why would George Demos intentionally sabotage the best chance we have for ousting Tim Bishop? And who has the most to gain from Demos entering into this race? The answer to the first question might be a head scratcher until you know the answer to the second, which is Tim Bishop.

Think about it, if Demos wins the primary, the odds could change dramatically in Bishop’s favor. If Demos doesn’t win the primary, he’s already saved the Bishop campaign millions of dollars in advertising with his vicious, lying attack ads on Senator Zeldin.

The next support ad you see for Georgie should star Tim Bishop, thanking his “new friend” George Demo$ for saving him a fortune.

Could George Demos be a decoy from the Democrats? Not so far fetched when you connect the dots.

Think of the duck hunter. They toss out wooden ducks and blow into duck calls to deceive and ensnare in the real ones. The Democrats put George out there, spewing his Conservative spiel, hoping we believe he who he says he is. But what they really want is to distract us from the absolute goal, which must be to get Tim Bishop re-elected.

And that’s exactly what George Demos is doing……….his very best to get Tim Bishop re-elected. If Demos were a true Conservative, he would drop out of this race.

George Demos, your actions are an absolute contradiction to your words. If we’re stuck with Bishop for two more years, it’s on your hands.