George Soros Is Funding Facebook’s ‘Fake News’ Initiative


George Soros’s Open Society Foundation will help fund Facebook’s fact checking initiative. He funded Clinton’s campaign by more than $25 million.

Another Clinton super-donor Pierre Omidyar is also linked to the pilot project. He gave more than $30 million to the Clintons and their charities in the past.

Stories on Facebook will be reported to a left-wing fact checker like the Clinton network ABC or the cat-rat owners of Snopes. If stories are determined to be ‘fake’ by those left-wing entities, they will be flagged as ‘disputed’.

We sense an anti-right-wing movement to silence the opposition here.

Soros is a hater of all things Republican and traditional American.

It was only this past summer when his society’s emails were leaked and we discovered that he has a plan to take over all government entities, including the media. He is also the man who tried to buy the U.S. election and he has ties to 30 U.S. newspapers. Soros has a plan to destroy the Catholic Church to boot.