Georgia’s Socialist Politicians


When you think about it, all big cities in our country are now controlled by liberals and/or progressives. Atlanta is one of them.

The following post from New Zeal and is an eye opener. Georgia might be a red state but it has its socialist politicians.

By: Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

Even a Southern Red State like Georgia has its socialist politicians.



Atlanta hosts a vocal local of Democratic Socialists of America, the US’ largest Marxist organization. They have infiltrated the local Democrat Party and now have several Georgia politicians on their side.

Metro Atlanta Democratic Socialists of America‘s key friend in Congress is veteran Rep. John Lewis, a committed ally of socialism since his civil rights days in the ’60s.

Lewis keynoted the group’s first Debs-Douglas Dinner, back in 2007.



He’s been happy to work with them and support their causes ever since…Read on at at