Geraldo Rivera Replacing Joe Crummey on 77WABC – Who Would Listen to Geraldo?


Last Friday, Joe Crummey, the center right talk show host, and Patti Steele, his center left sidekick, who had the 10 AM to Noon timeslot on 77WABC were unceremoniously fired. It is not clear as to what the reasons are though there is an amazing replacement. Amazing can mean “bad” by the way.

Geraldo Rivera will replace them and  will allegedly add a different perspective. I hope the station didn’t give him a long term contract.

Geraldo is most famous for –

– taking a week to open the near-empty Al Capone safe (he claimed no one was able to open the dinky 4 foot high safe)

– for almost being swept away by a hurricane as he stood in the middle of one for no discernible reason

– for drawing a map of strategic military operations in the sands of Iraq, enabling any of the enemy with a TV to also watch it

Geraldo will now have to rely on his verbal skills alone, which, aside from being loud, are limited.

Don Imus worked for Geraldo once and used him as a model for one of his loopiest characters – Geraldo Santana Banana. It was hard to hunt down any of the radio clips but I found this one from 1980. At 1:30 into the clip, Geraldo Santana Banana comes on. After that there are some other funny characters. Apparently Geraldo went wild with anger when he heard the character.

Don Imus & Larry Chance as Geraldo Santana BananaWNBC Composite 1980