German Authorities Link Munich Attack to “Right-Wing” Second Day in a Row – A Different Right-Wing

Ali Sonboly, the Munich shooter
Ali Sonboly, the Munich shooter

Update: July 24: As it turns out, the killer planned the attack for a year, looked at the sites of other school shootings, called himself “psycho”, and was a computer-obsessed loner who promised to avenge so-called bullying. Sometimes killings are what they appear to be.


Throughout the day yesterday, authorities and some of the German and worldwide media said that the Munich terror attack might have been executed by a group of neo-Nazis because the shooters, it was thought that there were three at the time, were wearing Nazi-style boots and were screaming about foreigners. That didn’t pan out and they have since claimed he was inspired by the right-wing terrorist in Norway.

The prosecutor also says this attack appears to be a “classic shooting rampage” as opposed to terrorism. Police are searching for a motive and continue to say there are no indications it is linked to ISIS  but do feel the links to Norway’s right-wing terrorist Andres Breivik are “obvious”.

They’re mum on the Nazi accusations.

The prosecutor came out quickly yesterday to say the gunman was “not connected with refugees at all.” .

The gunman, who used an illegal Glock to kill his mostly teenage victims, had received medical treatment for mental issues, a police official said, and investigators are still looking into his mental condition.

As the police search for a motive while continually claiming that it is not tied to Islamic terrorism, they might want to consult Twitter user and cytologist, Sue.

They might want to contact Nordic Nation.

ISIS or not, they are celebrating.

The so-called right-winger is an 18-year old German-Iranian named Ali Sonboly who holds joint German and Iranian citizenship. He was born in Germany.

Various reports say the killer was shouting “f**king Turks” and railing against foreigners, however it appears others were calling the shooter a “f**ing foreigner” to which he responded from the parking deck that he was a German and grew up in Germany. He had a German accent but appears to have Romanian and Iranian family.

In the exchange, the shooter, dressed in all black, claims that he has been bullied for seven years and that he “grew up here in the Hartz 4 (unemployment benefits in Germany) area”. When he was called a foreigner, he retaliated by saying that he was a German.

Allegedly he was under psychiatric care and had a stash of books about mass shootings. Authorities are reported to have said there is an “obvious” link to the right-wing terrorist of 2011, Anders Breivik. The link is Sonbly might have had, among his stash of mass shootings, a book about Breivik but we haven’t heard what the other books were about. The telegraph reported that a search of his room had unearthed a document about “frenzied attacks” and a book called: “Rampage in Head: Why Students Kill.”

The shooter committed his crime on the anniversary of Breivik’s massacre of innocent foreigners. Breivik called himself a counter-jihadist.

Sonboly’s attack could also have been to counter Breivik.

The authorities are awfully quick to pin this on right-wingers without evidence, and they are also quick to deny any connection to radical Islamic terrorism. They might end up being right but the speed with which they come out with these erroneous statements does make one wonder about their reliability.

Sonboly allegedly used an offer of free food on Facebook to lure young victims.

This might simply be a deranged young man as Breivik was (he was paranoid schizophrenic) who thinks he was or actually was bullied for seven years.