German PEGIDA Founder Found Guilty of Calling Muslim Refugees Insulting Names

Bachmann in his glasses fashioned like a censorship bar.
Bachmann in his glasses fashioned like a censorship bar.

Lutz Bachmann, founder of the anti-immigrant PEGIDA movement, an anti-massive-immigrant movement, was found guilty of xenophobia and inciting hatred towards Muslim refugees. He was recently put on trial for an offensive Facebook post from 2014 before he formed PEGIDA. The post was on an account only visible to a few hundred people.

This could happen in the USA soon. Loretta Lynch has promised to prosecute ‘hate’ crimes against Muslims, even if they are verbal. If elected, Hillary Clinton has promised to do the same.

Lutz Bachmann, who helped found Pegida, the German acronym for Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West, was ordered by the district court in Dresden to pay a fine of 9,600 euros, or $11,000. Prosecutors had sought a jail sentence of up to seven months for the post in which he called immigrants “cattle,” “brutes”, “scum”,  and “trash.”

Mr. Bachmann insisted throughout his trial that someone else had posted the remarks to his Facebook page, according to a local public broadcaster, but there was a video purportedly showing him admitting to using those words.

Last year, he was briefly forced to step down as the head of Pegida after posting a picture of himself dressed as Hitler to his Facebook account. He argued that the photo was a satirical take on Timur Vernes’ novel “Look Who’s Back,” which describes Hitler reappearing in modern-day Berlin. “I am sorry to have damaged the interests of our movement, and I am facing the consequences,” he said at the time.

Bachmann has a sketchy background. He was convicted of theft, drug dealing and failing to provide child support in the past.

However, should he be tried and convicted for verbal insults? They said he was inciting hatred but once  free speech is limited, how do you know where it ends and how do you know what you are allowed to say? Everyone has the right to free speech and no one can take that right away. It’s not in the government’s province.

Bachmann was tried for breaching section 130 of the German criminal code that imposes a prison sentence from three month to five years on those inciting hatred “against a national, racial, religious group or a group defined by their ethnic origins.”

The Judge in the case said “This is inacceptable. This has an inciting character. Human dignity has been violated,” he stressed, adding that Bachmann could face real time behind bars in the case of a repeat offense.