German Police Ordered to Hide Muslim Crimes


In a brief interview with German mainstream-tabloid Bild, an unnamed member of the state-wide Federal police identified only as 22 year old ‘Bernd’ exposes a massive cover up. Deployed to Passau, a small city in south-east Germany on the Austrian border where thousands of migrants come by train and road every month Bernd revealed “95 percent of refugees are single men”.

Events are mis-reported by police to prevent outrage, the officer said and “should an asylum seeker cut another’s throat. In the report we would state it was grievous bodily harm rather than attempted murder. It looks better in the statistics”.

Bernd said in the past months, he had only once had cause to book a German citizen. The rest of his arrests and complaints were against migrants, who he said regularly “sexually harassed” women around the local railway station, the first stop in Germany after the railway crosses from Austria.

“If a refugee wants to escape our control, we can’t even detain him. This is dictated from above. To do so would be physical violence”.

The worst is yet to come, warned Bernd who said eventually there would be a “big bang”, should the situation not change.

Merkel has also shut down free speech. She has worked out deals with social media CEOs to squash dissent she deems to be “hate speech.” I guess she’s opposed to “hate policing” also.

Martin Schulz, the German president of the European Parliament, is afraid the 28-member EU will fall under the political unrest caused by the migrant crisis.

He said: “The worst nightmare for the European project is an outbreak of populism or political upheaval in Germany. Now it is looking like a real possibility.

“Nobody knows what we are facing this year. We are threatened as never before.”

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, agrees: “The EU was tested to its limits [in 2015] and I cannot see anything to indicate this year will be any different.”

Sources: New Observer , Bild and Express UK


  1. The so-called “leaders” of the EU have for decades mislead the trusting people. This goes from the K-12 educators up through the well-meaning but lunatic leaders it produced. It stems from the misguided notion (theory), based on western values that the rest of the world operates on the same values; i.e., “if you are nicey-nicey to others they will be nicey-nicey back in reciprocation. This fallacy is a result of inadequate study of other cultures, mainly Islam. Merkel, et al, is a disaster worse than Hitler in the lasting damage she is causing to German culture. Norway is probably lost, along with several others. It might not be reversible in some cases.

    Europe will eventually grasp the pragmatic reality that Islam intends to destroy all that Europe has stood for since before the dawn of history. When enough people suddenly discover this reality, the tipping point will have been reached and self preservation will kick in. The slaughter will begin. Many innocents will be caught up in the readjustment but a new stability will emerge. Hopefully a new era of a much enlightened Europe will be the result. America hopefully will learn by observing and avoid much of the severity.

  2. With “utopian socialist”–the end justifies the means, no matter the damage to its own civilian population. Same mindset of the same ilk, we have in leadership in our country. Sadly the end result will be abject tyranny or a revival of the independent freedom spirit. Either way, there will be huge casualties.

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