Germany Arrests Social Media Trolls While Shariah Police Roam Berlin


German Shariah police have been allowed to patrol the streets. A hundred Islamists are now openly enforcing Shariah law on the streets of Berlin, according to local police who have been investigating a string of violent assaults in the German capital, Gatestone reported.

The Chechen Salafists of Wuppertal reportedly use force to discourage Chechens from integrating into German society.

The vigilantes are promoting the establishment of a parallel Islamic legal system in Germany. German authorities appear unable to stop them, Gatestone further reported.

A German court okayed it, more than once. Last November, a German court acquitted seven guilty Shariah police, essentially giving them free rein to continue roaming as enforcers. This has gone on since 2014. Ministers in Merkel’s government have denounced the rogue police but the rogues are still roaming the streets.

At the same time, Germany arrests Internet trolls for saying things they shouldn’t say – according to them. More of them go to jail than Shariah enforcers.

A Twitter personality named Amy Mek made that point with a tweet and a video link.

Instead of worrying about people saying things they don’t approve of, perhaps they should worry about the Shariah police and Islamization of their country by radical Islamists. Salafists and other radical sects shouldn’t be allowed to immigrate to the West.


  1. It seems Germany is too far gone … much of Europe seems too far gone. UK, Sweden, etc. They’ve given in on so many counts, the only possible recourse would seem to be violent civil uprisings against Muslims. Which is likely what the EU / globalists wouldn’t mind seeing so they could impose martial law, and wipe out any serious resistance to their plan to destroy sovereign European nations.

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