Germany to Spend Double Their Defense Budget on Massive Migration



Germany has money to burn. They will spend 93.6 Euros on migrants and, according to Reuters, that’s more than double its defense budget.

Reuters reported that They will spend 93.6 billion Euros by 2020 on the refugee crisis.

Merkel has gotten the numbers down somewhat after making a deal between the EU and Turkey. At the same time, she’s cooperating with Turkey on prosecuting at least one media personality who made fun of the Fascist president of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan.

They believe 55% of the refugees will have jobs within five years.

The German defense budget is around 36 billion dollars per year.

Since we take care of their defense and they don’t give enough to NATO, they have money to burn on destroying the culture of Germany but it seems to be what they want.

Germany’s Muslim population is expected to quadruple in the next five years to over 20 million Muslims.

German Left politician Gregor Gysi has bragged how “more native Germans die than there are born” and that is “very fortunate, because the Nazis are not good at having offspring”.

Dr. Steffi von Berg is a German Green member of the Hamburg “Bürgerschaft” and chairman of the school committee.

She wants a “Superculture” Germany. It’s a “good thing” according to this woman.