Germany’s Mess Is Our Future, Shariah Police and All


Germany is undergoing an unmanageable surge in “refugees”, many from Syria and Iraq. The Germans cannot afford to take them all in and they are quickly losing their identity as a nation because of the influx.

This is what Mr. Obama has in store for the United States. Obama is allowing an endless stream of illegals he likes to call refugees instead of illegal aliens because that is the social justice America he envisions.

Many of Germany’s refugees are radical Islamists but Germany refuses to confront the problem honestly.

Obama also refuses to call radical Islam what it is.

Obama is setting us up for the same PC approach to invasion that the Germans have allowed. Germany even has Shariah police roaming the streets of Wuppertal. There are reports that this is going on in areas of our country in upstate New York, Texas, Dearborn, and so on.

Germany has run out of space and refugees end up in “packed school gymnasiums, dwellings made out of shipping containers, cots, and so on.” Germany’s cities are inundated.

Instead of slowing the flow of refugees, they are beating themselves up for not keeping up with the invasion. The refugees come from war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq but many are just escaping poverty in Africa like our illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

Germany is considering erecting tent camps to solve their space problem but they are worried about how it will look in travel brochures.

There is no way Germany can solve the poverty of every person pouring in but still they allow it.

Smugglers simply drop their passengers off in small buses on side streets near the barracks where many are housed, something that should remind us of what Obama is doing with our illegal immigrants.

“The influx is exceeding any of our previous forecasts,” laments Bavarian Social Minister Emilia Müller.

Doctors can’t keep up with the medical examinations they need to do each day. Undoubtedly, this has to affect the care Germans receive but they have this image of themselves which they need to protect.

The refugees that aren’t radical Islamists are sometimes radical communists. One such group has been touring Germany demanding better living conditions. The communist activists have begun a campaign to mobilize communities affected by refugee policies and are touring the country in a bus.

See the photo below with the activists displaying their communist fist symbol and their stop deportation sign. Does it sound familiar? The Stop Deportation movement is a worldwide communist movement.

Commie refugees in Germany demanding better living conditions

They’re not unlike the communist open borders groups currently rioting and protesting throughout our country.

The Jewish Press reported that in Wuppertal, Germany, a Shariah police force roams the streets intimidating and menacing people who gamble, drink alcoholic beverages, go to concerts, or engage in any of the nightlife.


Even though the Shariah police force has been banned, they aren’t shy about advertising their role as you can see in the photo above which has Shariah Police emblazoned in bold letters on their orange shirts.

They seek out infidels.

They are radical Salafists like those we see in Syria and Egypt.

The punishment for their policing is a charge of illegal assembly.

One politician who is a critic of radical Islam can’t go anywhere without bodyguards.

Three radical Islamic groups have been banned but the ban is affecting nothing. Salafism is one of their fastest growing sects with thousands added every year.

PC-ism prevents Germans from acting with any common sense whatsoever. Like true socialists, they will damn themselves before they will use common sense.

As in the United States, radical Islamists are finding many of their converts in prisons.

where Germany is – that’s where we are headed. It’s Obama’s American Dream, not the suburban homes with the picket fences and the good school districts. His views on regionalism and globalism are clearly against that Dream. His American Dream is a Marxist, social justice, environmental justice, PC, globalist Dream with income equality and no wars.

This is Obama’s fundamental transformation.

Josh Earnest recently said, one of Obama’s greatest accomplishments is how he is spreading ‘tranquility” throughout the world.

Are you feeling tranquil yet?