Get James Holmes Off the Stage, It’s About the Victims


James Holmes is an evil deranged man. He fancies himself an iconic movie villain but he is merely a villain. He wants an audience to continue his notoreity and I am concerned that the media will give it to him. He wants to be known as one of the greatest villains of all times and the best thing we can do is ignore him.

He has lawyered up. He will wind his way through the system making some excuse or another. I suppose he will say he is innocent by reason of insanity. That was likely part of his plan.

I don’t doubt that people are now wondering what made him do it because surely it’s not his fault. He must be a victim himself. Perhaps it’s his parent’s fault or it was the medication he took or maybe it’s society’s fault.

It will never be his fault because we are a caring nation of people who can’t believe it when people do things like this because they choose to and because they are cruel. Let’s extend those same caring feelings over to the victims instead because they are far more deserving of our attention.

Holmes is not normal, but he brilliantly premeditated a massacre. He rigged his apartment with explosives to orchestrate another massacre. He bought the guns, ordered the ammo, and made the explosives which took time and awareness. He clothed himself from head-to-toe in protective riot gear so he would be unharmed because, in the end, he is a coward who murdered and wounded defenseless people, many of whom were children and twenty year olds.

He wasn’t too crazy to plan it out and protect himself. He is normal enough to be judged and sentenced accordingly. He knew what he was doing. His sneaky behavior clearly shows he knew what he was doing was wrong.

The surviving victims and their families will suffer from the effects of this incident for the rest of their lives. The deceased victims – one a six year old girl – and their families had their lives stolen from them.

Holmes will get a fair trial and the victims and families will relive the horror. They will relive it through his many appeals for years to come.

Let him have his fair trial and then execute him as he is most deserving. Think about the murdered six year old girl, whose critically ill mother cries out for her, and tell me he’s not.

Consider the young Jon Blunk, one of three men who died saving a girlfriend’s life.

In the video below, Jon’s girlfriend, Jansen, talks about Jon –

Jon just took a bullet for me…what a great hero he is…he provided me with the opportunity to survive through that…one thing he said was I was born to serve my country because he was re-enlisting, you know…he would have done it for anyone…

Laying in bed last night, I said, Jon I love you so much and I’m so grateful for what you’ve done for me…I can’t even fathom not coming home to Jon…

Colorado has a death penalty but hasn’t used it since 1976. If this case doesn’t deserve the death penalty, nothing does.

Think about what he has done and tell me why he should not be given the same justice he gave his innocent victims? I believe the death penalty should only be used in the face of incontrovertible proof which is undeniable here.

I don’t care if he has a personality disorder or felt he was deprived in some way as a child.

In the very least ignore him, lock him up in prison for the rest of his life, and never utter his name again.

I want to hear about the victims, who they were and who they are. I don’t want to hear about the heartless murderer and what a tough life he had.

Our society has gone too far in protecting the evildoers while the victims are ignored or forgotten. This misguided sympathy has become ingrained in our society and it has no place here. Think of the victims. It is okay to judge the obvious.

God bless the victims of the Movie Theatre Massacre and their families. They will be in our prayers.