Ghost Ship Travels from Nantucket to Spain in Three Years

The Queen Bee in her prime.
The Queen Bee in her prime looked like this.

Scott Douglas and his brother-in-law Rich St. Pierre were at a boat show recently and told a fascinating tale.

They were thrown overboard during a storm about a mile out of Nantucket in 2008. One of the men, Mr. St. Pierre,  just had heart surgery.

Miraculously, a survival kit was the only thing to go over with them, and  they were able to swim to shore with the help of the kit. The boat however was gone. Within a few months, they received payment for the loss of the boat.

They had long forgotten the boat when they got a call from their insurance company that the boat had reached Spain on its own, three years after it floated off, becoming a bona fide ghost ship. It likely traveled with the Gulf Stream.

Maps, a first-aid kit, a radio, and fire extinguishers were still on board with the motors still attached.  The boat was a little worse for the wear with rust and barnacles, but it was upright, surprising the Spanish and the owners.

The Queen Bee becomes a ghost ship traveling the Atlantic to Spain
The Queen Bee becomes a ghost ship traveling the Atlantic to Spain in three years

The insurance company asked the owners if they wanted the boat back and the men decided to give it to the company that made it. It’s great advertising for the boat’s endurance. It will be making appearances at boat shows.

If that boat could talk, it would have some story to tell.

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