Giant Tire Mound Seen From Space

Giant Mound of Tires Can Be Seen From Space

About 250,000 illicitly dumped tires in South Carolina are piled so high and wide that they can be seen from space.

Satellite images show 50 acres piled high with tires. The owner of the property is a Michael Kett of Far Rockaway and he’s being tracked down as we speak.

The person responsible for the tire dumping will be subject to a $475 fine. I hope they are not expending a lot of resources trying to track down the culprit.

Apparently Calhoun County is notorious for tire dumping. One person involved in a tire dumping in the 90’s said this is a baby compared to that one.

The problem that leads to the tire dumping is that Calhoun Country charges $2 to shred a tire.