Giants’ Kicker Suspended Based on No Evidence of Spousal Abuse


Josh Brown

NFL Giant kicker Josh Brown has been suspended for one game by the NFL for spousal abuse with no evidence other than the ex-wife’s police report in which she said he had abused her 20 other times. The charges based on that complaint were dropped.

This report claimed he grabbed her wrist to keep her from making a call and he left her with redness and a small cut. She called the police on him for that.

In the past she said that he kicked in a bathroom door and her teenage son, his stepson, was hurt. There is no other information. For all we know, the son could have been holding a weapon and his ex-wife could be a liar or not though whenever a woman says she’s abused we have to believe it unless the perpetrator is Bill Clinton, then the woman can be abused.

In any case, the district attorney dropped the charges and Brown was never convicted of anything.

The NFL tried to talk with the wife and she refused to cooperate as did law enforcement.

The NFL said it was unable to speak with Josh Brown’s former wife and had “insufficient information to corroborate prior allegations” of domestic abuse against the Giants kicker, resulting in its decision to issue a one-game suspension for violating the personal-conduct policy.

Huh? They couldn’t corroborate so they issued a suspension?

The NFL said it made “numerous requests — as late as this spring — to local law enforcement officers for information on the case and previous allegations. They declined those requests for information”.

So armed with that complete lack of information and only what they claim is “probable cause”, they suspended him.

We used to broadly believe people as innocent when there wasn’t proof but the NFL is a private organization and can do whatever they want but they should have guidelines that require actual evidence before someone is suspended.

The NFL is responding to feminists and PC garbage. That’s what they do with the wearing of the pink in October.