Giraffe-Killing Zoo in Denmark Slaughters a Family of Lions



Marius, the slaughtered giraffe

A Danish zoo entrusted with the care of wild animals slaughtered a giraffe named Marius, performed a public autopsy on the animal and then fed its carcass to the lions only a month ago.  Now the zoo has slaughtered a family of lions to make room for a younger male lion. They call it culling, others might call it a slaughter.

They are apparently the Ezekiel Emanuel of the animal world. Two of the lions were getting old and two were too young according to their report.

The Copenhagen Zoo said the male and female lion were reaching the end of their lives in captivity and the two young ones were too young (10 months old) to survive on their own. The new male lion would only have killed them.

lioness with cubs

Lions eating Marius last month. It’s not known if these are the lions who were killed.

The zoo officials also claimed that no zoo was willing to take them and they didn’t perform a public autopsy this time. There are, as it turns out, other zoos that would have taken the lions.

“The zoo is recognized worldwide for our work with lions, and I am proud that one of the zoo’s own brood now forms the center of a new pride of lions,” said chief executive Steffen Straede.

The zoo doesn’t see any need to change its procedures.

The AFP reports that many Danes were upset with the furor worldwide over Marius and said it’s due to the Disneyfication of zoo creatures.

Not really. People don’t want to see “zoo creatures” unnecessarily slaughtered.

The zoo’s boss Bengt Holst received death threats when he unnecessarily killed Marius the giraffe because the zoo was concerned about inbreeding. Zoos offered to take Marius but they decided to kill him instead of turning him over to another zoo.