Giuliani Is Getting Hammered for Criticizing Hate Group Black Lives Matter


It started when Rudy Giuliani appeared on Face the Nation. So far, there are 18,000 tweets at 5:23pm EST both in support and against the comments he made on the show. Many are calling him a racist.

Keep in mind that Black Lives Matter is a George Soros-funded group and Soros is Hillary’s biggest fundraiser.

On CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani called the Black Lives Matter movement “inherently racist” and that police feel it “puts a target on their back.”

“They sing rap songs about killing police officers and they talk about killing police officers and they yell it out at their rallies and the police officers hear it,” Giuliani said.

CBS wouldn’t let him respond to an attack on him by another guest so he went on to Fox to respond.

New York’s favorite rag, The New York Daily News, titled their next article, Rudy Giuliani spewing pure hate: Loathsome ex-mayor slams Black Lives Matter, says we should be afraid of black children.

That’s all I’m willing to repeat from that rag.

Here are a sample of the tweets going down.





  1. those that don’t want to see the truth, but would rather lay blame for their short comings are eveident here. thanks obama.

  2. I am not sure if anyone here is intelligent or self-aware, but Black Lives Matter is a group which says, “please don’t kill innocent people” Giuliani is a hate organization, full of hate, dishonesty and having no insight into what it is to be a mature, intelligent human being. All I can say is please make some friends who are different from you in education, and ancestry and race, and learn to see the world through their eyes. Please study history, psychology, American political history, and let those things impact how you see the world.
    Good luck.
    If you are still filled with hate and you still think other humans are not worthy of the same rights as you, please live quietly and keep to yourself.

    • I wouldn’t have criticized the leaders if I hadn’t spent Tim with some of them. They are haters and they are violent. Some of their members do call for hurting and killing the ‘pigs’. There is no control in these groups. You are wrong unfortunately.

      Everyone is equal but no one has the right to threaten others.

    • Spare us your self-righteous LIES, Cole; The racist Black Lives Matter gang doesn’t say “please don’t kill innocent people” – it says “What do we want? (DEAD COPS!) When do we want it (NOW!)” as even a lying phony like you can CLEARLY hear in this Youtube clip of one of their demonstrations:

      There are many people I DO NOT want to be friends with or whose eyes I want to see the world through. I have no desire to see the world as Nazis, Communists, Islamist Fascists or racist, anti-White, cop-hating Leftists like you do.

      And by the way, Giuliani is a Human Being, not a “hate organization” …which you would know if you weren’t such an obvious kool-aid swigging Liberal Lemming.

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