Giuliani & Pataki $elling Out New York’s CD 1 Voters



Apparently Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki have a lot in common with their new best “friend”, George Demos.   The two, long time, New York State, establishment Republicans are all over the air waves touting their friendship with this freshly minted multi, multi, millionaire. That is, of course, when they’re not issuing a solemn warning against believing ads saying unkind things about their enormously wealthy buddy.


So just what are the bonds that have so suddenly brought these “Three Amigos” together? Here are some:

  • The trio all come and go from Long Island’s First Congressional District when it suits their convenience. Pataki was here over a decade ago, when he needed downstate votes. Rudy passes through on his way to the Hamptons. And Demos appears on even number years, when he’s making yet another run for Congress.
  • Giuliani, Pataki, and Demos have never made a commitment to buy a house and live full time in the CD in which they profess to be taking such great interest.
  • None of them have a consistent history of being involved in any local, CD 1 community organizations or activities at the “grass roots” level. Demos was scolded by Deacon James for not keeping a promise to debate his primary opponent at The Southampton Full Gospel Church.
  • All three restrict their “campaign appearances” to TV and radio ads. There have been zero “public events” offered to meet this “conservative” GOP “candidate of the people”. What’s keeping the dream team from wading forward into the adoring crowds and pressing the flesh? It’s an age old political tradition they all seem reluctant to risk. See Demos ducking the debate, above.
  • The troika now have two very important friends in common. They would be Jake Menges and Rob Cole. Jake and Rob worked for Rudy and George P. Now the dynamic duo is, for a very, very pretty penny, managing fabulously wealthy George Demos’ campaign. It’s a great deal for the boys. They’re making ten of thousands of dollars a month! It must make their old friends Giuliani and Pataki feel good too.

But what’s good for these 5 gooses may not be so good for the working class ganders living and paying property taxes in the First Congressional District. Ask yourself, (the guys mentioned above will not likely be available for comment), 4 compelling questions.

1) Why is it, people disconnected from every day life on Long Island, want to have so much say in who should represent Long Islanders?

2) If the threesome have been buddy buddy all these years, why weren’t Rudy and George P. blanketing the media in Demos’ other, prior, multiple runs for Congress?

3) If Pataki and Giuliani thought this guy was such a political “godsend” to the “local burbs” why weren’t they raising money for him and donating their time to do commercials back during his previous, badly failed campaigns?

4)Was it because, before George Demos got married two years ago, he didn’t have $2 million dollars to spread around amongst his new buds?

Heartfelt congratulations to the “Three Amigos” on their friendship. But, given the profiles and unanswered questions cited above, there seems to be much more in it for Demos campaign insiders, than for voters living in New York’s First Congressional District.