Giuliani Responds: Suggests De Blasio Is The Racist – Video


Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City is taking a leading role in the Obama-Holder revolution to fundamentally transform America and he’s every bit as deceitful or seriously confused, hard to say which. In order to stir the revolution, they have to distort reality. The truth won’t do it.

Bill de Blasio is planning a national movement to open the borders and he has led the protests against the police in New York City. Recently, he described having told his son to respond to the police in fear because he’s a young man of color. Sunday, Sandinista Bill responded to Mayor Guiliani’s comments saying Guiliani “fundamentally misunderstood reality.”

Guiliani responded to him with a hearty laugh and the suggestion that the person escaping reality is the racist.

Giuliani said that failure by de Blasio to recognize the problem is much more about black-on-black crime, which is being ignored. Giuliani added, “When you escape reality, I’m afraid that’s the person that might be the racist”. [That statement comes at the very end.]