Give Rob Astorino A Chance


Gov. Cuomo is under federal investigation and could end up in jail. It won’t stop New York City voters from voting for him. There is a good alternative but too many New Yorkers will only vote for Democrats, no matter how bad they are.

The massive Democratic population of New York City determines the future of upstate and downstate unfortunately and then, once their candidates are elected, they pick our pockets to feed New York City.

Cuomo’s opponent, Rob Astorino won in the Democratic stronghold of Westchester to become the Republican Westchester County Executive and, by all accounts, he is doing a good job. He was elected in a deep-blue area against all odds. He won most of the Hispanic vote. Westchester has a 22% Hispanic population.

Before voting, it is worth taking the time to listen to the interview below. It was set up to be a debate but Andrew Cuomo won’t debate.

That alone should concern people.

Gov. Cuomo’s stance on Common Core alone should get him fired.

Rob Astorino has an education plan and he has a plan to lower taxes that he addresses during the interview and on his campaign website. Cuomo is hooked up with Mayor De Blasio which means more merciless tax and spend. Astorino would like to make New York a desirable place to do business.

The interview also addresses Cuomo’s cesspool of corruption. Instead of cleaning up the corruption, Cuomo is part of it.

If and when Cuomo is re-elected, Long Island pockets will be the first he picks. It won’t be pretty.

Interview Pt. 1

Interview Pt. 2