Giving Thanks for the Republican Establishment


by Director Blue

Today I give thanks for my family, my friends, my colleagues and our great country, especially those who serve in our military, intelligence, law enforcement and first responder communities to protect us. I give thanks that I was fortunate enough to be born in this wonderful nation, the most magnificent society on the face of the Earth. 

Today I also give thanks to the Republican Party, its leaders, and its media. I give thanks to the party’s agenda — in the wake of the Mississippi Senate primary and numerous derogatory remarks — as it made clear it sought to wage war against us. It is a fact that the Republican establishment seeks to expel conservatives from the party. 

Did you drop your Republican registration to express your disgust? Awesome — you did exactly what the establishment wanted, so you couldn’t vote for an insurgent candidate like Donald Trump in your state primary.

Trump Carson

Are you a ‘Cruz Birther’? Super, you’re burning calories on an issue that no legal expert — on the left or the right — believes has any validity.

Do you think a President Rubio would lift a finger to seal the border? Pretty cool; but may I suggest that you lay off the psychedelic mushrooms?

Do you believe a President Fiorina, Christie, Kasich or Paul would be any different than Jeb! when it comes to illegal immigration or reducing the size of government? Excellent: I have some land in Whitewater, Arkansas I’d like to sell you — it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

My friends, there are only three candidates left in the race who operate outside of the GOP establishment: they are Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump.

It’s important to understand one, simple fact: should one of these three outsiders become President, they will also become the de facto head of the Republican Party.

That’s right: in one fell swoop, an anti-establishment candidate could take over and control the GOP leadership structure, by dint of the bully pulpit and a massive fundraising capability.

As the leader of the party, an outsider President could eviscerate the leadership structure and reorganize the entire, defective mess that is the GOP establishment.

That is what they fear most — losing their cushy jobs and consultancies and actually having to work for a living. Oh, the humanity!

That’s why I’m staying a registered Republican and supporting Cruz, Trump or Carson — who ever I deem most likely to win at the time.

It’s not just to save the Republic from the fiscal and national security timebombs that Obama has bequeathed to us. It’s also to shred the entire GOP establishment and lay the foundation for a new Republican Party. A conservative Republican Party that can restore the rule of law, honor the Constitution, and begin flaying the lard off the federal leviathan.

I give thanks to the Republican establishment for declaring war on us. It makes our mission all the more clear; they must be removed from the halls of power.

President Carson, President Cruz, or President Trump could make that appealing vision a reality.

Make sure your Republican registration is up-to-date, so you can support an insurgent candidate. It’s the only way to stop these corrupt and feckless boobs who today falsely claim the mantle of “Republicans”.

All the best to you and yours on this wonderful holiday. Thank you for patronizing my humble journal and may this season be a blessed one for all of us.


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  1. Cruz an outsider? Put down the crack pipe. U know that Heidi Cruz worked under Condoleeza Rice, sat in on founding plans for North American Union, and worked for Goldman Sachs and Merril Lynch right? They met as campaigners for Dubya, the dumbest pos ever to hold public office right? Did he disavow his pledge of allegiance to Israel? Throw some cold water on thy face and wake up friend. There are no outsiders allowed to sit in the white House. Did you pay NO attn to the Maine caucus in 2012? Blatant and rampant election and voter fraud are a proven fact. Iowa and NV were almost as bad. You think Trump is going to do anything for you? He is the epitome of the Fascist Business Model~the melding of big business/banking w/ big govt. He throws out some rhetoric that downtrodden Americans can relate to and he’s your saviour? Wake up friend. The ONLY way to take back our govt is by starting at the STATE AND LOCAL LEVELS. The Tenth Amendment Center can show you how to reel in an overreaching Federal Govt using legal peaceful Constitutional means outlined in anti-commandeering doctrine and the Nullification Movement. Do you think the electors really cares how you vote, they’ll do what they want as they always have.

  2. Progressives have taken over the republican party. The nation is at stake. An outside leader could cause a major purge of the leadership. That is our only hope. The hate of Trump, Cruz and Carson by the establishment is obvious and is a main barometer I use to determine their independence. Where someone’s wife worked is less important.

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