GM to Recall Every Volt Ever Made

The Spontaneous Combustion Car

Didn’t I tell you that the Volt was not ready for market. It burns up whenever the battery feels like burning up. I blame Obama for pushing Government Motors and Obama needs to get out of the car business.

This is a serious safety issue for the coal-burning car (stole that from Rush).

They could always change the rules surrounding the Volt to – you can own a Volt but make sure it’s parked in an abandoned area. Read here: Dangerous crummy little Volt

Guess what, Government Motors is going to ship production of the Volt to China because they can’t compete with the unions here and that means giving China the car’s technology. Obama caved. Read here: China technology going to China

More information on the Volt: Government subsidized creepy car

They are recalling 8,000 Volts even though they only sold 6,000 and that is very perplexing. It’s also not really a recall – it’s a retrofitting (so it doesn’t blow up).