GM’s Explosive New Battery – Wear Flame Resistant Clothing


GM has a revolutionary and explosive new battery. It is so explosive in fact that it blew out part of the building and injured a lab worker. The building in which it exploded now needs extensive renovations but, don’t worry, it was only because it was “extreme testing,” whatever that means.

The battery went on fire and it’s no joke, a worker was burned and is in stable condition in the hospital. Government Motors is going to kill people.

Ironically, the battery was slated for GM’s new all-electric car including a coming line of Spark subcompacts – I’m not kidding, it’s called the “Spark” line (I wonder who thought of that name?).

Last month, GM had to recall defective batteries produced in Livonia, Michigan.

This battery, the A123, received $249 million of our federal tax dollars (grants).

Last year’s Volt battery fires were from a different battery produced by LG Chem. Don’t worry though, the government said the Volt is safe.

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