Go Visit Egypt Where Anyone Can Arrest You For Anything


Pharaoh Morsi

This latest Egyptian law is so cool, really. We just gave tanks, F-16’s and oodles of money to Egypt and now they can arrest us if we visit their country. I mean anyone can arrest us for suspicion of anything.

All that good will we bought sure is paying off! Instead of most Egyptians disliking us, almost all of them dislike us – they want to arrest us if we step foot in their country. Is the joke on us or what? [Our favorability rating is declining under President Obama, CNS News]

The Egyptian tourism general is worried that the new law might discourage tourists. He’s seriously worried? Why? He’s such a drama queen. I’m booking my trip now (I have a death wish).

via JoshuaPundit

Thinking of making a trip to Islamist Egypt to bask in the wonderful Arab Spring? You might change your mind after reading this.

The Egyptian prosecutor general for the Muslim Brotherhood regime (their equivalent of our Attorney General, Eric Holder) has enacted a new lawpermitting ordinary Egyptians to make what amounts to carte blanche arrests of foreigners in Egypt for things like suspicion of ‘spying’ or blasphemy, or pretty much anything else that goes against Egypt’s sharia based legal code:

Egypt’s Coalition to Support Tourism (CST) condemns the prosecutor-general’s decision to allow citizens’ arrests announced on Sunday, arguing it raises many worries among tourists…Please keep reading at JoshuaPundit and you must click the link the author includes but there is still this going on.