Goat Man Spotted in Northern Utah


A man dressed in a goat suit is caught on camera crawling through the hills with other goats.

Wildlife officials want to talk with him, not because he is breaking the law, but because it is goat hunting season and they want to advise him of the dangers. Sixty goat hunting permits have been issued.

Goats are also very territorial and might not like him hanging out with them.

No one can guess why he’s doing it but some think he might be an extreme wildlife enthusiast. [What is it with some men and goats?]

One wildlife official, Phil Douglass, said, “People do some pretty out there things in the name of enjoying wildlife. But I’ve never had a report like this,” Douglass said. “There’s a saying we have among biologists — You don’t go far enough, you don’t get the data. You go too far, you don’t go home. The same is true with some wildlife enthusiasts.”

Douglass said wildlife officials received an anonymous call Thursday from an “agitated man” after the sighting was reported in local media. The caller simply said, “Leave goat man alone. He’s done nothing wrong.'”

The man who shot the photos said that when goat man saw him he hid behind a tree. Goat man then put his goat mask back on and scurried along to catch up with the herd. The photographer said, “It was real creepy.” [Ya think?]

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