God Bless the NYPD – the Battle on Wall Street


We heard Al Gore call for an American Revolution and we know President Obama is the lead on the class warfare gimmick. Connect the dots to these “grassroots protesters.”

All we hear is how terrible the tea party is. The tea parties have never done anything like this. HuffPo is praising these trouble makers, after their horrendous ridiculing of the tea party. This world is upside down – don’t doubt that.

The occupiers use a comic book character as their symbol, which is quite appropos.

The protesters are well-funded and organized. It is time to stop the assault on the police by the occupiers of Wall Street. The police have been calm, restrained, thoughtful and abused by these people for over a week.

These people have planners and group leaders directing them – I heard them myself. The protesters planned to get arrested – I heard that as well. They have been taunting the police by blocking sidewalks, frightening passersby, grabbing police from behind, jumping barricades, and they are the loudest bunch I’ve ever heard. One would think there were thousands. On the first day, they had no more than a thousand, and that’s being generous. After that, they had about 150-200. Today, it’s reported they had about 500.

They are making an extraordinary amount of noise on the video to make it seem as if there are more than the several dozen strange people protesting. This afternoon, they were marching butt naked. They are doing everything they can to make a spectacle of themselves. They are also terrorists.

One of their signs said they were going to storm the precinct.

I don’t know how you call protesters peaceful when they are menacing innocent people who are going about their business.

Some of those arrested were complaining that they were getting peanut butter sandwiches that didn’t even have enough peanut butter. Meanwhile they were eating peanut butter sandwiches all week. Let’s send them some Chateaubriand for a stellar performance at pretending they’re not a front for totalitarians.

They are funded by at least one corporation apparently, though they demonize corporations, and they use the National Lawyer’s Guild to get them out of jail. You can’t go any further left than the NLG unless your name is Putin.

Propaganda Video – In this video, the police tried to pen them in for the protection of others. The phony screaming and crying was part of the plan the protesters have been discussing.

If you don’t think this is organized, take a look at their professional video and their links to every possible social media and donation site. Paypal gave them a paypal account and I think we should call Paypal and complain. Livestream – Global Revolution

Just in case you don’t know – this group, Anonymous, is part of the Global Revolution, which is connected to the European Revolution.

Check this out: Global Revolution It’s a front organization. Here is one quote from the article in this link – This abuse of power is not unique to countries dominated by charismatic figures, ‘strong-men’, dictators, or military regimes.  Even Western Democracies suffer from the same social and economic inequalities (America’s wealth inequality is far greater than Egypt’s), repression of dissent (the U.S. Patriot Act, Espionage Act, and proposed Internet Kill Switch), challenges to freedom of speech (the current campaign against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks), and the exploitation of the many for the profit of the few (austerity measures and loss of services to maintain the profits of global financiers). The fundamental mechanisms that collect wealth in the hands of the few are universal to global capitalism.  Regardless of the outward appearance of any existing political system, the impact on the citizens of the planet, their livelihood, and their environment, are the same.

Many of the fools who participate in this protest don’t understand that the people who are leading them, hate America, and want us destroyed out of greed and jealousy, and they want more power and money than any bank has taken. Theses Totalitarians want their piece of the pie, and many of these protesters appear to be misguided and drugged. They are allowing themselves to be manipulated.