Goddard College Students Select An Evil Cop Killer As Commencement Speaker


The students at Goddard College have asked an evil cop killer, Mumia Abu Jamal, to speak at their commencement. They believe he has a unique perspective on race relations.

Condileeza Rice isn’t allowed to speak at a commencement. Hirsi Ali isn’t allowed to speak at a commencement. But, a vile cop killer is.

He does have a unique perspective on race relations – he hates white cops and he executed a white police officer for no reason.

Mumia shot police officer Daniel Faulkner, pictured below, at point blank range in his head and right between his eyes, execution style, in cold blood as he stood over him.

Officer Faulkner

Mumia has cleverly twisted this perverse murder into a fight for racial justice with a following of useful idiots who eagerly lap up the nonsense.

Dustin Byerly, a Goddard alum who now serves as its associate director of advancement and alumni affairs, said the college has a history of empowering its students to make their own decisions.

“The students made the argument that convinced their fellow graduates that he was an appropriate commencement speaker,” Byerly said. “It’s a complicated dialogue he brings up in racism, imprisonment, the prison industrial complex. I think these conversations are important to have. We encourage our students to have complicated dialogue and they don’t run from them.”

This is what Progressives have in store for all of us. Cop killers are revered in their world.

Maureen Faulkner
Maureen Faulkner at her husband’s funeral

Mumia has been allowed to run a prison radio show and is a published author. That’s more than his victim ever got to do. The husband and father he murdered never got to graduate, raise his child, grow old with his wife.

Mumia, a former Black Panther – a vicious and racist band of thugs – recently turned 60 in a Pennsylvania prison.

On December 9, 1981, Philadelphia Officer Daniel Faulkner pulled over a car driven by William Cook, brother of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the former Wesley Cook. While Officer Faulkner and Cook were by the side of the road talking about the traffic stop, William Cook struck the officer in the face.

Officer Faulkner tried to subdue Cook when Mumia ran across the street and shot Faulkner in the back. Faulkner returned fire, hitting Abu-Jamal in the shoulder.

Abu-Jamal shot Officer Faulkner five times, once between the eyes from a foot away execution style while standing over him. This was according to witnesses at the scene.

Abu-Jamal was later picked up in a hospital. A hospital security guard heard Abu-Jamal saying, “I shot the Mother F…er and I hope he dies.”

Abu-Jamal was convicted and sentenced to death, a sentence later commuted to life imprisonment.

Abu-Jamal then set about making a career out of demonizing the police and whining about his sentence so he could one day get out of jail. He is a manipulative sociopathic killer.

After Mumia was sentenced, he decided to turn his case into one of a Black man being victimized by White cops and a White judicial system though the evidence against him left no doubt as to his guilt.

Recently, Oakland schools came up with a lesson plan that compared Martin Luther King with Mumia. They said King and Abu-Jamal are “fundamentally similar” since both have committed their lives to challenging systemic racism in the United States.

Mark Lewis Taylor, a professor of theology and culture at the Princeton Theological Seminary and a longtime Mumia supporter, identified two major differences between Abu-Jamal and King, saying the former radio journalist has worked more obviously than the assassinated civil rights leader within an “international framework of justice struggle.”

Abu-Jamal, according to Taylor, also worked more than King to “mobilize grassroots organizations” and movements. King had a tendency, Taylor said, to privilege black church organizations and, at times, espouse a certain sense of black middle-class advantage and leadership.

“But what King and Abu-Jamal shared should not be overlooked,” Taylor wrote FoxNews.com in an email. “One shouldn’t juxtapose a respectable ‘cuddly’ Martin Luther King over and against a more radical and supposedly ‘villainous’ Abu-Jamal — as the media hype often has it when they relentlessly misrepresent him as a ‘cop-killer.’ In fact, authorities have had the wrong man on death row and in prison these 32 years, not the man who actually shot Officer Faulkner.”

The radical left idolizes Mumia and sees him as a fighter against police oppression of minorities. There were “Free Mumia” signs throughout Occupy Wall Street. This hideous creep has been made into a revolutionary hero while Officer Faulkner’s wife Maureen has to suffer pain that  goes on forever.


Mumia, a prolific writer who is also a self-serving, race-baiting cop killer

Barack Obama nominated Debo Adegbile, to the top law enforcement position in the civil rights division of the Department of Justice . Adegbile is a radical lawyer who tried to free Mumia, launching protests that went far beyond his advocacy as a lawyer, protests which helped enflame hatred of cops. His nomination, a grievous insult to police officers everywhere, was rejected by Congress.

This is an example of how the hard left hurts the Black community and has hurt them for decades. Teaching them hatred for cops and for whites teaches them to hate all authority figures and we wonder why so many black youth end up in prison.