Good Grief – Juan Williams Says Pamela Geller Responsible for Deaths of Two People (Terrorists)


Juan Williams must have called up the White House for this gem which I heard today on Eric Bolling’s Cashin’ In. He loves free speech but not when it’s a cartoon event that leads to the death of two people (he’s referring to the two terrorists who tried to slaughter Pamela Geller and everyone at her cartoon event).

Folks, it was a CARTOON event.

Juan would have free speech limited and thinks that Pamela Geller had no right to run her cartoon contest.

He called it provocative. The PissChrist and Elephant Dung Mary, which ended up in museums, were not described as provocative. They were described as art. If Christians and Jews formed a group called The Sons of Jesus and David and went around shooting people who offended them, would these offensive pieces of “art” be called provocative?

The terrorists are the ones who are provocative.

Watch Juan: