Good News Out of Queens, New York for Donald Trump



Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump was declared the winner of the New York Republican primary within a minute of the polls closing. Kasich came in a distant second with Cruz a very distant third. Kasich will undoubtedly see this as a very hopeful sign. Of more interest is that Democrats were showing up at polls in some areas to vote for Trump.

New York has a closed primary and people have to vote for the candidate of their party. One poll worker interviewed in Queens said Democrats were coming in to vote for Trump but ended up turning in a blank ballot when they were told they had to vote for a Democrat.

Donald Trump won’t have an easy time in New York in a general election, however. About 31% who were interviewed in exit polls described themselves as very liberal. Blacks, an important voting bloc in New York, vote in the ninety percent range for Democrats. Hispanics, another very large constituency, also heavily favor Democrats.

Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of the Democrat primary. If she didn’t have the black vote sewn up, it could have gone to Bernie the avowed socialist. She is a carpetbagger New Yorker who is currently under FBI investigation. Her screechy speech hit on her goal of not deporting anyone, suggesting it is discrimination, an obvious swipe at Trump.

The bad news for Trump is that Kasich won Manhattan, bringing Kasich’s total of county wins to 7 – a pitiful number.