Good News Wednesday, Obama Style




“Good news Obama Style” is not meant to imply that President Obama is responsible for all this “good news” but it is the land he reigns supreme over. Heck, he can kill us in foreign lands if he “feels” we are a threat. That makes him almost as powerful as God, but not quite, since God can resurrect us.

The postal service plans to end Saturday mail delivery. The post offices will stay open and packages will still be delivered six days a week because package delivery is the one thing that has grown. The postal service can’t do anything without congressional approval so this is still only a plan. The postal service lost a whopping $16 billion last year. So for all of you who complain about the price of stamps, you are paying for this too.

Baltimore City, land of entitlements, costly union benefits, and an eroding tax base, is heading for bankruptcy according to the latest 10-year forecast obtained by the AP. In ten years they will have a shortfall of $2 billion and their operating budget is $2.2 billion. Baltimore has 22% living in poverty and 16,000 vacant properties and they have the highest property taxes in Maryland. They are systemically unsound.

California wants violence insurance for gun owners to cover all damages or injuries caused by their weapons and, of course, to further erode the Second Amendment. It is also a nice source of income for the bankrupt state.

Puerto Rico has a declining population because of poverty and high crime. Their unemployment is at 14% but if they come to the states, they will find they will likely still face an unemployment rate of 11%. Puerto Rico is our Greece and maybe our future. Puerto Rico has initiated austerity measures, cut government, privatized some highways and an airport. The problems are growing, not improving. [NPR]

A printer that no one can afford might be able to make guns though it has been disallowed by the patent holders. Some are very concerned about the possibility.  [NPR]

Gun control mania has swept the Democratic Party. Anyone not falling in line is tortured with  ads attacking Dems who are wary of new gun restrictions. They want to make being against gun control more of a liability than it is being for gun control. [The Hill]

The contraction in the economy isn’t Obama’s fault according to Obama. It’s congress’ fault and, of course, one can only assume he sees Bush at the heart of the problem. [The Hill]

Cable News News:

  • Politico tells us Dick Morris has been dropped by Fox and he will appear on CNN today. Morris made erroneous predictions during the 2012 election cycle.
  • Morris follows Sarah Palin out the door.
  • CNN dropped Eric Ericsson and Carville and wife.
  • Ericsson is going to Fox.
  • CNN is now under the management of former NBC honcho Zuker who is an Obama loyalist so expect it to become another MSNBC.
  • Karl Rove barely got his job back at Fox for holding up the call to put Ohio in the Obama column on election night.
  • Dennis Kucinich has joined Fox. I agree with almost nothing he says but I really like him.
  • Jesse Jackson’s daughter is MIA since joining Fox – not sure what might be going on there.

From IBD: George Soros’ Open Society Foundations issued a report called “Globalizing Torture” which details alleged human rights abuses by the CIA under Bush (of course). The report names 54 countries that are complicit but the US (naturally) is at the heart of the problem. Will he soon release a report about Obama’s drone program which he directs in secret, with his high-level advisors, and which can be aimed at citizens?

The Alabama hostage situation ended in a firefight according to CBS news. When kidnapper Dykes went up an 8 foot ladder to get supplies, the boy was away from him and relatively safe. The agents dropped two stun grenades, disorienting him. A firefight ensued. Dykes had the area rigged with bombs but the FBI had “disrupted” them. Video on the bus shows him arguing with the bus driver, Mr. Poland, before he murdered him. Mr. Poland was the closest person he had to a friend.

Ahmadinejad wants a strategic axis with Egypt. In fact, he’s visiting them to set it up. Ah, yes, the Arab Spring. The Tunisian opposition leader critical of the Islamic government has been murdered. [Drudge]

People love the new legalization of marijuana in two of our states. Politicians are planning to tax it and unions want to unionize the workers. It will be another source of exploitation and waste. We have the added bonus of knowing it is a gateway drug with no medicinal value whatsoever.

Obamacare will cost 7 million workers their jobs as they are placed on part-time instead of full-time employment enabling employers to avoid paying healthcare. Employers have been disincentivized from providing healthcare because of the punitive expenses imposed by the law. Most of these workers will not qualify for the Obama plan and will go without any coverage. Inside Politics has the story quoting this CBO estimate.

A new record number of Americans are on disability – 8.83 million according to the Bureau of Labor. They are probably sick from not working in our jobless economic comeback.

And finally, a health warning from Egypt’s PM Hisham Qandil: women’s unclean breasts may be causing the latest diarrhea epidemic. [Drudge] Egypt obviously needs the services of Sandra Fluke and Gloria Allred and I hope we can get them over there ASAP.