Good Shrimp Eating Isn’t Necessarily Safe Eating


Good eating isn’t necessarily safe eating….Check those shrimp the next time you go shopping  anywhere, even Wal-Mart.
The Land of the Dragon is not new to food scares, which continue in spite of government proclamations of controls and safety. Last year, China Mengniu Dairy Industry admitted the presence of a deadly levels of aflatoxin, the most cancerous substance in the world. In 2008, six children were killed and another 300,000 made ill from melamine-tainted milk,  antifreeze toothpaste, carcinogenic soybeans, bouncing boiled eggs and many other toxic products”.

“Glue” shrimps are now latest food scandal in China

The discovery in the fish market in Tianjin after the complaint of consumers. Shrimp were injected with the liquid to increase weight and texture “up to 30%.” There is no official confirmation on the toxicity, but it has its dangers. A new alert after melamine-tainted milk, carcinogenic cheese, and antifreeze toothpaste. Read more: Asia News