Google and Apple Are Spying on You With Drones


Apple and Google are sending drones up over our homes throughout the country. This isn’t something they are planning on doing, they ARE doing it. They want to produce snazzy aerial maps so detailed they can show objects just four inches wide.

I don’t frankly care what their purpose is, it is a clear violation of the 4th amendment. Someone needs to lodge a constitutional challenge because this is way out of hand.

These drones fly a quarter mile over our homes and businesses so we can’t even see them spying on us. This is worse than Orwellian.

Apple’s military-grade cameras are so powerful they could see into homes through skylights and windows. The technology is pretty much what they use to spot terrorist targets in Afghanistan.

Next they will be renting them out. These Internet companies do pretty much whatever they want with our personal data and now they will be able to spy on us from the skies – great!

As usual, I had to go to the UK for this bit of news. Read more at the Daily Mail.