Google Celebrates Memorial Day With This Outre Google Doodle


google doodle 2016 Memorial Day

If you are confused by the above google doodle, you have a right to be. Google is celebrating Memorial Day, which commemorates our war dead, with a google doodle for Mother’s Day in Nicaragua.

They never celebrate our soldiers on Memorial Day.  However, they don’t miss ‘Labour Day’, Ghana Day or kid’s day and parent’s day in Korea. They’re globalists after all.

On May 19th, they celebrated an America hating communist who admired Osama bin Laden.

Could these phonies be trying to get out goat?

Honoring a Revered America Hater, Admirer of Terrorists, Maoist Revolutionary

CAIR didn’t forget our military however. CAIR official and Islamophobia-obsessed Bernie lover Zahra Billoo had her usual anti-American message.

billooTweet via The Clarion Project

Last year, Billoo said she wanted us to stop honoring our war dead.

Billoo, who is the radical executive-director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter, tweeted last year that she “struggles with Memorial Day each year” over whether to honor American soldiers who died in wars. Many chapters feel the same she said. So much for assimilation.



  1. Thanks, Sara. Another fact that I never knew. I like to be polite as much as I can be. PC turns my stomach.

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