Google Has Lobbyists Tacking A Little Right


Google is in trouble with the federal regulators again for anti-trust and privacy issues. Google says the problem is that regulators can’t keep up with tech progress. Google has long been accused of receiving government favoritism but it doesn’t seem to keep the feds off their backs.

With this government, you have to curry favor with the government – they are socialists, that is what they do.

Google is now changing their privacy policy so there is none and they can share all your information with anyone they please. They already collect your web history. If you want to turn it off, go sign into your google account. Then type in the header and where it says web history, turn it on, erase all web history, and then it will not resume (leave it that way). You should be okay but do it by March 1st. After that, your info is their info.

Where does privacy and the free Internet begin and end? How much does the government need to do? With this government regulation is more concerning.

Long accused of lobbying Democrats, they seem to be tacking somewhat to the right of late.

GOP House member Susan Molinari has recently been appointed to head the D.C. google office.

…She joins a company that is facing a deluge of criticism over its business practices as the dominant search engine for online users. Lawmakers, state attorneys general and consumer groups have called for investigations into the changes in Google’s privacy policy that go in effect March 1. The company plans to build more complete profiles of users by following them on all its services, including using content from Gmail messages. Google says it will use the information for tailored advertising. Privacy advocates and others say the firm’s access to the personal information of users — who are not allowed to opt out — goes too far.

The company has also been accused of circumventing privacy settings of Apple iPhone browser Safari.

Observers say Google — which has been at the center of debates over Internet access and online copyright claims — has changed its approach to lobbying. It has hired more Republicans, and officials wanted a veteran politician to head the operations as Google responds to increasingly heated questions from lawmakers. Last fall, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was called to testify before Congress to defend the company’s business practices. Schmidt, an economic adviser to President Obama, has complained that Washington is using a heavy hand on tech companies whose innovations often outpace regulation.

Experts say that Schmidt and other Democrats in the Washington office have drawn suspicion from lawmakers that the firm is benefitting from government favoritism…Read more: Washington Post