Google Helping Hollywood Shut Down Blogs


Branco cartoon of a US flag being shredded by NAZIs and Communists comes via NetRightDaily

If you like to download or upload music or videos on pretty much anything from and to YouTube, you have probably infringed on some copyright. YouTube is one of the companies tracking every account holder to see if you do. They are supposed to send two warning emails but don’t count on getting them.

Don’t worry, if you don’t get the emails, you will soon know. They will slow down your connection, throttle you, notify you that you can be sued for each violation, and finally, they will shut down your Internet connection.

AT&T, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Verizon, Google, and Comcast are all tracking you.  They want to punish you if you download music, movies, TV shows and almost anything else. They will punish you without proper due process if you are “suspected of downloading copyright content.”

The movie and recording industry, who have benefitted from large taxpayer donations under this president, are behind this Copyright Infringement System also known as Six Strikes so they can make more money. You get six alerts, 4 of which include slowing down your connection.

Their idea of due process is to warn you six times. After the first two warnings, your ISP will slow your connection or redirect your traffic until, like a good child, you read the copyright law and notify them that you have infringed, leaving you open to lawsuits.

Eventually they can throttle your connections and you will never get online.

The biggest problem is that innocent people will be caught up in this without adequate recourse.

The average blogger assumes that fair use covers them but if you try to dispute a claim, it will cost $35 for each video and you will also be told you can be sued for up to $150,000 by each company making the claim.

Bloggers don’t make much money if any and are generally trying to get information and opinions out on the Internet. It has become a source of news and the news agencies don’t like that. Free speech and free press are not priorities. Money and power are priorities.

This blog makes no money and is solely for informational purposes which one would assume is covered by fair use, but the new six strikes policy with no real due process pretty much stops that cold.

The focus is supposedly the average consumer but they are going after everyone including bloggers. This will have a chilling effect on the Internet. It’s long been a target of the control freaks.

This will control the messaging on the Internet, whether it’s deliberate or collateral damage, I can’t say.

The media is mostly state-sponsored with the major newspapers and media outlets running their content by the White House.

They don’t even need to go so far as to pass things by the WH, the media knows what they are supposed to say and they say it. The other outlets, except for Fox News, then parrot the major papers and other news sources. We can one day expect NBC and the NY Times to be the sole source of news.

People can still disguise their internet address and use coffee shops to avoid monitoring.