Google Takes Us Down the Commie Memory Lane On July 4th



Google decided to celebrate Independence Day with a full-fledged dedication to commie Woody Guthrie and his Marxist song.

Joshua Pundit:…To celebrate our nation’s birthday, Google chose as its July Fourth logo a line from a song by Woody Guthrie, an admitted communist radical and a long time apologist for Stalin who used to write for the Daily Worker.

In fact, the song in question was Guthrie’s response to Irving Berlin’s ‘God Bless America’, a song he hated. “This Land Is Your Land”, written in 1940 is essentially a Marxist oriented protest song, if you look at the entire lyric instead of what’s usually sung…Read more…

If you would like to see the political disintegration of google, check out this noisy room article which shows the logos from the last several years. It’s pretty interesting.

Let’s not forget to mention google’s new anti-gun policy. It’s  not surprising that they want to see the end of the second amendment. Click here for the information from Daily Caller.