GOP Delegates Move to Stop Trump


trump confusedDozens of convention delegates, who are angry at Trump, banded together and hatched a plan to block Trump at the convention in Cleveland.

They don’t trust Trump and are very concerned about his recent comments on gun control, his racial attacks on a federal judge and his sinking poll numbers. The numbers of Republicans who will not vote for Trump are growing.

The hope of the group is that they can get enough Republicans to agree with them to change the party rules and allow delegates to vote for whomever they want, regardless of who won their state caucus or primary.

They would need a majority of the members of the Rules Committee to do it and a majority of all the delegates in the end to stop Trump.

What makes this group different is it’s very organized and it’s by people who can actually do something and who have been actually elected to select a president. It’s not a writer for Redstate or an editor for The Weekly Standard. They want to see if there is enough support for this.

Should they get 56 Republicans to go along with them in the Rules Committee, they could do it. Though Trump keeps saying there is no vehicle for this, there is. Trump needs to find a way to unite Republicans and stop saying he will run without them.

Many believe Trump’s language and behavior in the last several weeks has caused Trump to lose support. Ryan said last week that delegates should vote their conscience. That will bolster this group’s efforts because they are basically trying to pass a conscience clause.

These delegates were in some cases Cruz supporters but they say they have no specific candidate in mind.

“This literally is an ‘Anybody but Trump’ movement,” said Kendal Unruh, a Republican delegate from Colorado who is leading the campaign. “Nobody has any idea who is going to step in and be the nominee, but we’re not worried about that. We’re just doing that job to make sure that he’s not the face of our party.”

The problem people might see is which presidential candidate could defeat Hillary especially after they alienate the 70% who supported Trump?

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  1. Not fair! GOP has no right- Trump is who the people want! They are afraid of him- no special interest groups

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