GOP Ruling Class Sending Mind-Numbingly Obtuse Messages



The GOP has been relatively invisible for seven years as Obama trampled on our liberties, created a massive welfare state and ruined our position in the world, but they are very loud now which shows they can do it when they want to only now they are railing against the members of their own party. They are making the calculation that they can give the election to Hillary and still keep their cushy jobs by denouncing Trump in November should he be the candidate. They will probably do the same if Cruz is the candidate.

Barack Obama used deceit, coercion and bribery to pass Obamacare, exposing the corrupt state of our Congress. Where were the elite when we were told we could keep our doctors and couldn’t?

As thousand page bills were passed unread, people railed against the system but still the bills continued to be passed without being read.

The people on both sides of the political spectrum begged for borders but the corporations were a bigger lure for Republicans and votes were too much temptation for the Democrats. As thousands of potential drug cartel gangsters, terrorists and infiltrators pour across our border or seep through as refugees, the establishment in both parties refuse to recognize the threat.

Beautiful national parks have warning signs to not enter because drug cartels have taken up residence.

John Boehner said he counted 22 times Obama admitted his amnesty for DREAMers was illegal but the establishment did nothing.

The House would pass bills that the Senate wouldn’t send to the president’s desk. The Senate won’t even bring them up for a vote to hold Democrats accountable.

Where were they when VA administrators were fudging the numbers of veterans screened in order to get bonuses for simply doing their jobs? Where were they when the IRS was persecuting conservatives who are still not receiving their 501(c) status in some cases.

Congressmen access insider information and leave congress wealthy men.

They passed appropriations bills and budgets. They passed the omnibus and heaped praise on themselves for doing it, never once trying to stop one iota of Obama’s Marxist agenda, using the excuse that they couldn’t chance shutting the government down.

Today establishment pundit George Will confirmed on Fox that Republicans running for office will take out ads distancing themselves from Trump. The panel laughed about it. This tactic was fed to the New York Times and Politico by the GOP. The establishment feels comfortable feeding this information to the left-wing papers. How revealing!

Will also talked about the problem of open caucuses and primaries. He thinks that is the main problem and not what should now be obvious. There is a revolution within the party by 60% to 70% of the people.

They have no clue as to what is coming their way.


Sen. Bob Coker (R-TN) put it to the party in a statement a few days ago.

“Here’s my message to the Republican Party leaders: Focus more on listening to the American people and less on trying to stifle their voice.”

“What’s happening in the Republican primary is the result of two things: the fecklessness and ineptness of the Washington establishment in failing to address the big issues facing our country and years of anger with the overreach of the Obama administration. And to be candid, I think the American people should be angrier than they are.”

Corker himself attempted to stop Obama from implementing the Iran nuclear deal with a bill but after all the changes were made to get it through it only succeeded in bypassing our treaty laws. There should never have been a bill. Congress alone has or at least had the sole right to approve treaties.

The GOP threw up their hands and allowed their rights to be diminished yet again.

Corker’s message is a good one but he didn’t listen either. Is he just reading the tea leaves now?




  1. “They have no clue as to what is coming their way.” yep, they have done this to themselves, they are so out of touch with the people, and that includes most of MSM too!!!

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