GOP Surrenders!



John Boehner

Update: 17:00: The House voted on a ‘clean bill’ to raise the debt ceiling by a margin of 221 to 201. The GOP was holding no cards but they didn’t fight at all.

In addition to ignoring the ongoing constitutional violations by this president, the GOP leadership appears to be surrendering on the debt ceiling. They will present a clean debt bill to the House membership on Tuesday.

Originally they were going to insist that the debt ceiling increase be tied to the Keystone XL. That didn’t work. Then they were going to tie it to restoration of the cut to military cost of living increases for retirees, but they couldn’t get a vote on that either.

There was no talk of passing a bill to stop the bailout of the insurance companies as suggested by Marco Rubio.

The GOP didn’t cut spending.

The hill announced the development, saying that “Conservative groups blast clean debt bill.” Everyone should be blasting the clean debt bill!

It’s another $2 trillion increase in the $17.2 trillion debt ceiling.

Heritage Action spokesman Dan Holler said: “A clean debt ceiling suspension is irresponsible given our nation’s looming fiscal challenges.”

Speaker Boehner appears to be presenting it this way because he couldn’t get a vote in any other way.