GOP Tries to Knock Out Their Two Top Contenders for President



What do you think about this?

The GOP is eating their own again and they are doing it while a communist and a corrupt liar are running against them in the presidential race. They appear to be trying to knock out the two top contenders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Are they doing the right thing?

National Review Online (NRO) has in desperation decided to abandon all semblance of neutrality and condemn Donald Trump’s candidacy. Twenty-one leading conservatives have come out against him because he is not a conservative, they say, he is populist.

Thursday night on The Kelly File, Rich Lowry, Brent Bozell, Dana Loesch and Kate Pavlich told Megyn Kelly that Trump must not win. He would destroy the party, they insist. Some would say it’s already destroyed.

Brent Bozell continued Friday morning on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom.

Trump responded:

Honestly it’s not a dead paper but the GOP elite certainly don’t listen to them.

His spokesperson said Trump has more Instagram followers than the NRO has subscribers. As far as the concerns about him not being a conservative, his SPOX said where were they when Romney was running – it was Romneycare that served as the model for Obamacare.


National Review Online is out of touch. One of the articles they have up today is “Karl Rove Explains Why William McKinley’s Insight Matters for 2016.” McKinley adapted to the changing America according to the article. McKinley doesn’t even have a mountain named after him any longer. No one cares about Karl Rove or McKinley. They want jobs and they think Trump can get them.

Trump’s candidacy had a supporter in Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros.


The issues that attract the people to Trump are very conservative. He recognizes that America needs to be made great again, he has the courage to take it on, he knows we need to shut the borders, he wants to keep America safe from terrorists, he knows the trade deficit with China is a problem, he wants to reverse the destruction of industrialization in America, he would defund the baby chop shop Planned Parenthood, he would cut out the Department of Education and abolish Common Core, and he’s conservative on spending.

That is very conservative in the view of his supporters.

The reason Marco Rubio can’t break through and won’t break through is because of his prior RINO stance on amnesty and that is what most of the GOP don’t understand and fail to address. That won’t reverse the damage of eight years under a Marxist who has kept our borders open and left the FBI scrambling to follow the terrorists and drug cartels already here.

The GOP should consider abandoning efforts to convince people into voting their way. Trump’s numbers will probably go up after this. Every time he’s attacked, his poll numbers rise.

The GOP elite wanted to force Jeb Bush on us. He stands at 4% in the polls and 10% of the GOP voters said they would not vote for him. More than double his support! The GOP elite are afraid Trump can’t win but they would have us pick Bush.

Trump has flip-flopped on a number of issues which raises the question of whether or not he will do what he says whereas there is no doubt Cruz will and the GOP elite candidates never would.

Cruz went to DC to do what his constituents wanted him to do and he has done that.

The Establishment wants Ted Cruz gone. He has made it clear he will not be controlled by them but they hope they can work Trump.

Most people don’t care about the alleged constitutional issue according to the polls. The CATO Institute has a good explanation of why Ted Cruz is eligible to run for president.

The attacks on Cruz based on immigration won’t be easily sold. No one believes Cruz wants amnesty as Rubio obviously did.

Cruz is taking a big hit because of Trump’s relentless attacks but he is a solid conservative.



  1. The GOP establishment despises Trump and Cruz so much that they willingly took up arms with their fellow Progressives on the left providing them with an endless supply of ammunition to to use against either candidate.

    The GOP leadership is imploding.

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