Gov. McAuliffe Appoints Stoney as Secretary, Let the Corruption Begin


Something is seriously wrong when I am enthusiastically agreeing with the writers at the far-left Slate Magazine.

Governor-elect McAuliffe appointed Levar Stoney, a GreenTech employee and a former deputy campaign manager, to the position of secretary of the commonwealth.

GreenTech is under investigation so it’s a good time for Stoney to get out of Dodge.

Stoney was part of a 2004 scandal in which Democratic operatives slashed the tires of vans slated to drive Republican voters in Milwaukee County to the polls. He actually told the jury he had aspirations of being a US senator. Sure, why not, there’s always room in the senate for someone knowledgeable in the art of tire slashing.

As secretary, he will appoint thousands to the state boards and commissions where he will have many opportunities to reward people just like himself with positions.

He will handle clemency petitions, restorations of voting rights, lobbyist registration, conflict of interest filings, and so on. No room for corruption there!

If Levar gets into legal trouble, McAuliffe can always plead ignorance. That won’t be hard to believe.


Governor-elect McAuliffe, clueless

Poor Virginia! The once-great state. I hope they survive.