Government Expands Its Power Into Hundreds of Millions of American Homes



The government has just expanded its power over hundreds of millions of us without anyone taking notice…they are whittling away at what’s left the 4th Amendment.

The government will now collect and share your most intimate financial and personal details and they will be available on yet another government database. There will be no secrets, no privacy, no Fourth Amendment for individual Americans as this database is established under the false flag of American safety and security.

A new National Mortgage Database Program will be launched as part of a joint venture by the FHFA and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It will collect intimate personal information on every mortgage holder in the United States. It is a growth in government that could and will one day be used against the individual.

The database will collect information on “first-lien single-family mortgages in existence any time from January 1998 forward.” The news release states that “it is to be used to support the agencies’ policy making and research efforts and help regulators better understand emerging mortgage and housing market trends in this evolving and changing finance market.”

Our personal information is all over the government computers and they are unreliable keepers of that information.

The April notice in the Federal Register informs that the database expansion will include numerous data points: a mortgage owner’s name, address, Social Security number, all credit card and other loan information and account balances, entire credit history -including delinquent payments, late payments, minimum payments, high account balances and credit scores.

The two agencies will then assemble “household demographic data,” including racial and ethnic data, gender, marital status, religion, education, employment history, military status, household composition, the number of wage earners and a family’s total wealth and assets.

This is the same government that is “mapping” every neighborhood in the country to reallocate resources from those who have to those who have-not in a grand wealth redistribution scheme.

Mr. Obama has ordered the mapping of all neighborhoods across America, in every town and in every city, so he can redistribute the assets of wealthier neighborhoods to poorer neighborhoods, particularly into minority neighborhoods.

He is using a HUD housing rule which will set up a long-term plan for redistributing resources.

HUD plans to provide data for every neighborhood in the country listing the access minorities have to local assets such as schools, jobs, transportation,and other neighborhood resources that help bring people into the middle class.

The plan will then develop long-term solutions to help ‘people gain access to different neighborhoods,’…’channeling investments into under-served areas.’ The mapping tool may be used to guide development and zoning decisions as two examples.

It won’t make people productive but it will set up a system for stealing from those who are.

HUD has been giving tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to radical organizations such as LaRaza, The National Community Reinvestment Corporation, and the National Urban League, allegedly for mortgage counseling. Their counseling entails organizing people to protest and riot around banks, demanding loans for minorities even if they can’t afford them.

HUD, under Andrew Cuomo, is the organization that helped lead to the collapse of the mortgage market by forcing banks to give loans to those who couldn’t afford them.

This is also the same government that comes up with ideas like the mortgage redistribution scheme aimed at redistributing money from taxpayers to people with underwater homes in a principal reduction scheme. Taxpayers would foot the bill since the government doesn’t have any money of its own. Mr. Obama would like to make that US policy because he sees home ownership as a “right” to be financed by those who have more resources.

Comments for the new rule are now closed. It was issued April 7th.  The Washington Examiner posted the story yesterday. It went under the radar not that our opinion matters with this government.

Anyone who thinks we still have a 4th Amendment is fooling themselves. We have let the government whittle it away. The government no longer needs warrants. They merely need to go to their government computers. What the medical database or the NSA doesn’t have, these computers will have. It will be used to redistribute wealth, attack dissenting individuals, control those who have imperfect records, and worse. The IRS and DOJ targeting was nothing compared to what we face and have done nothing to prevent. When we go into that election booth and vote for a Hillary Clinton, we will vote for more of this.