Government Motor’s Volt – Burning Up the Roads


The dirty little coal-burning Volt which we are subsidizing for many thousands of dollars did NOT even meet the California emission standards. Wasn’t the Volt’s big attraction supposed to be that it burned efficient and cleanly? You’d be better off with any other car riding around in California.

GM said they “barely missed” meeting the standards. Barely missed only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

GM is repairing (not recalling) 8000 of them now (even though they sold 6000, though sometimes they say they sold 7600) because Volts go on fire several days, even weeks, after they have been in an accident.

So, while the dirty fuel emitting cars are in the shop for repair, they are also being revamped to meet California emission standards. But this is NOT a RECALL, no way, just a repair and a revamp.

I don’t blame the people who work for GM for this travesty of a car. I blame Obama for taking over the company, pushing a car that wasn’t ready for prime time and people didn’t want. That’s what a know-it-all does.

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